Lottie’s Causes

Philanthropy has always been an important part of my life, from when I was 7 years old and created random stores on my street to raise money for the children looked after by Dr Barnardos and Mother Theresa, to more recently working as a professional fundraiser for various charities including the NSPCC. Alongside my professional work I have always personally supported a number of causes with both time and money and it’s important to me that this website reflect this passion, so here I share with you the causes I’ve chosen to support in 2018.

In 2018 I am committed to supporting individuals and small organizations that I feel are connected to inclusivity, creativity and truth. I am committed to making small regular contributions each month, and my hope is that come the end of the year I can donate larger one off sums to “top up” my giving.

Giving is an important part of my being and thus you can be sure I will contribute as much as possible in terms of my time and money in a variety of ways throughout the year.  Philanthropy isn’t an administrative project, it’s a way of being for me.

My time goes to people through pro bono coaching and thinking sessions, organizing community events, writing and whatever calls me forward. I aim to donate 10% of my profit each year and my hope is that every year that becomes a more significant donation, so hopefully 2018 will be my biggest yet! This year my financial gifts are going to:


Art in Action

I can’t imagine a world without artists who create art. I can’t imagine a world in which children are no longer exposed to the opportunity to create art. And yet with dramatic reductions in state funding this is where we’re headed without amazing organizations like Art in Action.  It’s my honor to support them.

The Prison Library Project

Reading has changed my life, for the better and I can think of nothing more valuable than giving prisoners the opportunity to read and with that reading, learn, develop and grow. I love the PLP’s vision  “We try to provide an ongoing invitation to prisoners to embrace responsibility, growth, and a deeper appreciation for the world of books, ideas, and education.” I have a lot of thoughts around the broken US prison system which to my mind has lost its way and is now being used as a system of repression, particularly against people of color. I hope it changes but in the meantime getting books to prisoners is something I want to support.

Patreon Contributors

There are so many people on Patreon I could support and my intention is to support more, but right now I am called to support four individuals on a monthly basis throughout 2018 and likely beyond. These people are individual women creatives, in particular women of color who are too often undervalued and under supported. My intention is to further grow this support with my business but for now I am supporting four individuals whose work inspires me to think bigger, who are putting their hearts and their souls into healing through their work and who are truly making a difference. I encourage you to follow them and support them if you can:

Torrie Portillo
Layla Saad 
Amelie Hubert
Shamia Casiano

Page last updated: May 2018