Here you will be supported to:

Rediscover YOU and...

Love and honor ALL of your unique, special, soul full ways. Fully embracing your weird!

Rediscover YOU to...

stand in your power and shine your light in all of your life and work.

Rediscover YOU...

Honestly, with integrity, fully in line with your values.

Rediscover YOU with...

wholehearted love for the body and mind you have. To love yourself with no apology.


I’m Lottie Ryan, coach, author, master connector of people and resources, and creative director of I am committed to supporting you, and other women who find themselves here, to Rediscover YOU; to bring all you have to offer to the world and create a life that embraces all of you.

I Invite you to explore this website and the many, I hope, inspiring tools and resources I’ve created for you. Take a look around and enjoy!

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