I’m Charlotte Ryan, though most call me Lottie, a life coach and writer, but more accurately a person that loves stories. I am fascinated by how stories impact our lives; the stories we live, those we tell ourselves, the stories we tell others, and those we consume.

I find the art of coaching to be the most supportive way to help YOU tell and stand in YOUR story, your truth. I love to explore with you what in your story serves you. What insight does it reveal? What are the opportunities it offers?

Together, we then identify any points of conflict in your narrative. Perhaps you’re repeating old stories/patterns? Maybe you’re telling a story that isn’t really yours? Maybe you need a tool, resource, idea to move your life-story forward? I stand with my hands at your back as you create the story of your life, and learn how to tell it with clarity and confidence.

You’ll learn that I am always diving into my own life-story, mostly exploring it through writing blog posts, essays, articles, poems and books. I tap away a lot on my iPhone, most recently, writing the first draft of a historical fiction novel – yep, 100,000 words with one finger on my phone! Perhaps now is the time to mention that I’m a slightly eccentric, but super sensible, Brit, living in California, with no regard for conventionality! That novel is now titled Breathing English Air, a story inspired by my family’s experiences during both world wars. I came to this story to discover which parts of my story were truly mine and which were inherited. Researching and writing this novel has been life-changing, and you can bet I’ll share more about it all.

For now, be it understanding your story, embracing your story, telling your story, writing a story, or you’re only interested in my story, welcome! I invite you to take a look around and see what is available to you in this online corner of my world.

I can’t wait to connect with you.