One of my clients once said,
“I want to remember what it is I’ve forgotten about myself.”

She was speaking literally, she knew that as a child she knew things about herself, with ease and without judgment that were that driven out or smothered as she moved through education, parental and social expectations and various life challenges. She also meant spiritually, to rediscover her soul’s purpose and work, her inner knowing and brightest light.

Her intention was to find her way back to the creativity she knew was inside of her that she had forgotten how to access. 

This sums up what I have done in my own life and what I am now committed to help the women I coach and do.

I am here to invite you to Rediscover YOU

Rediscover YOU

Are you curious to rediscover YOU, the authentic, remarkable, beloved you?

Are you ready to rediscover ease in your life?

Are you open to living a life that is completely true to you?

Do you feel stuck in the hustle or on the merrry-go-round, struggling to find where you want to be and what you want to do?

Maybe you’re being called into a greater way of being, through your life and/or work/business.

And no doubt, you have something inside of you that is calling to be created. Perhaps a book wants to be written, art wants to be made, a business wants to be developed, or a project completed.

Perhaps you’re longing for deeper connection; connection to your soul’s purpose and inner knowing, connection to your creativity, connection to people who “get it” and connection to resources and ideas that fully support you.

You definitely want to play bigger in this lifetime.

Can I help you?

The honest answer is, I don’t know.

That’s not what you expect to hear on an About page, is it? I should be raving about what an amazing coach I am and how you absolutely, definitely want to be a client of mine.

Well, my testimonials speak to that if you want to read them and you can find more about me and my story here, but the truth is I only want to work with you if working together truly works FOR you, and neither of us can know that from reading an About page or communicating through the Internet.

Coaching is a deeply personal and committed endeavour. In order for it to be great both me, the coach, and you, the client, need to be ALL IN. 100 per cent committed to showing up in the relationship and working together. We will know if that’s possible once we connect in person, but before that let me tell you a little about how I work.

I am wholeheartedly called forward to help women rediscover themselves and create lives that are true. I’m called to support you to connect to your dreams and find your inner wisdom and knowing, work with your strengths and follow your soul’s calling.

I lovingly and professionally coach my clients to explore what’s working, what’s not working and what you might do to make things work, or work even better, in both life and work/business.

I support you with the time and space to think things through and explore your inner world to support your outer world.

There is no curriculum, each person has different things they want to be coached on, but often we’ll look at what you are doing that is in alignment and what you might be doing that  might be out of alignment with your values and integrity, and what your soul is calling you towards.

We’ll also look at the stories and beliefs you have that support you and those that don’t support you, exploring ways to reframe or let go of those that no longer serve you.

I will always seek to connect you with resources and knowledge that support your endeavours and I’ll mentor you to adventure into your life with the greatest self-compassion and sincere self-loving—such essential ingredients for any kind of personal growth.

Ultimately, my hope is that if we work together you will Rediscover YOU, the real, true you that feels completely aligned with her heart and soul, and be able to tell your story with clarity and confidence.

My Commitment to You

I commit to fully showing up as your coach to support you in the creation of a life, and business/work that you love.

I commit to giving you time to think and space to fully feel things out, to get into those deep inner spaces of possibility with sincere compassion and love.

I commit to inviting you to believe in the possibility of what you might create.

I commit to supporting your full connection to all the things you want, need and love in your life.

I commit to honoring my belief that you do not need “fixing” but have everything you need inside of you.

I commit to having clear agreements with you and always honoring those agreements.

I hereby invite you to Rediscover YOU.

To honor yourself physically, emotionally and spiritually through your whole life and work/business.

To give yourself the thinking time and space you need to feel things out, to get into those deep inner spaces of possibility.

To believe in the possibility of what you might create and get messy in your creativity, move through any challenges and find the magic that’s inside of you.

To embrace connection to all the things you want, need and love in your life.

To explore what’s available for you here, and embrace what could be next.

To stop waiting and create the life you really want, right now.

I invite you to apply to have a coaching conversation with me to explore further the possibility of working with me. I charge nothing for this conversation, it will only cost you your time and your commitment to Rediscover YOU, and there’s no obligation for anything further. My intention is that this conversation will serve you regardless of whether we decide to work together.

With all of my love,

Who is Lottie Ryan?

I’m a British mom of two teenage boys wife of one fabuous man, life coach, writer and author, who has now lived in California for ten years. After many years of moderate success, but too many health challenges, it was clear that I had never quite felt true to myself, the real ME, and so I embarked on a journey of personal rediscovery. This took me through serious illness and the crushing weight of hopelessness, into a life adventure I now get so much joy in and from.

From the age of twenty-one I have contended with a serious illness, Ulcerative Colitis, which has included numerous invasive procedures and intensive chemo and biologic therapies. I’ve survived a number of major bowel surgeries, two of which nearly ended my life, most recently in 2013, but fortunately, the Angel of Death decided I wasn’t quite what he was looking for at that moment, so allowed me to continue my adventures.

My personal rediscovery has led me to rediscover my inner and outer beauty manifesting in all kinds of creative magic which have led me to be a published writer, a published vintage pinup model (oh yes, when I adventure I go ALL IN), and not least the creation of this online business, community and life coaching practice.

When I’m not coaching or writing and have some downtime from the constants of family life, you’ll find me cosied up on the sofa with a blanket, a cup of tea, a great novel, podcast or TV series. Right now, I’m finishing up my first historical fiction novel. You can bet you’ll hear more about that.

You can learn much more about My Story here.