Are you feeling stuck? 

Fed up of being one thing for other people and not enough for yourself?

Tired of the day to day rigors of your life and feel sure there must be more, but more what?

Not  feeling quite yourself?

I’ve been there.
It’s likely time for you to rediscover YOU…

Who are you TODAY? What do YOU want and how do you get it?

Are you being the person you really want to be, doing the things you want to do most?

Perhaps you say yes too much; whatever anyone needs you’re there with a resounding, “Yes, I’ve got it!”
What about YOUR needs? Do you say, “Yes, I’ve got it!” to yourself?

Or, maybe you’ve been saying no a lot recently—to the fun stuff, because you’re stuck in the overwhelm of responsibilities: work, school, mom, wife, friendship, trying to be everything to everyone. It’s exhausting.

Maybe you’ve thought about moving out of town, getting a new job, writing a book, starting a business, essentially revamping your life, but you’re just not sure where to start.

None of it’s helped by your perfectionism, and perhaps some black-and-white rule-following, which rushes you to judgment and then shuts you down—what will people think? How will that make me look? Is that worth the risk?

Then the overwhelm ramps up. You’re desperate to make progress, check something off a list and feel accomplished, but when you try to do something, or to even think about what needs to happen next, you get stuck. You start, stop, start, stop, start again, but that makes you feel like a failure.

You’re tired. You’re burned out. You’ve had enough.

You know what you want (or at least what you don’t want!)

Feeling constantly stressed out, tired and in the throws of inner turmoil is too much for anyone, it’s not fair and you deserve better.

I know, you’ve read books, you’ve tried journaling for a week, maybe even a year, you went for a massage a few times and you got your hair fixed, but your thoughts are still cluttered and you want so much to be motivated and inspired, but you’re just not…at least not yet.

I suspect you have an idea of what you want, and may even have some goals floating around but how the hell do get what you want and do what you want to do? Are you mad for even thinking it’s possible?

(Side note—I do hope you’re mad, at least just a little bit, as I bloody LOVE that kind of madness! But I digress…)

You frustrate yourself. You want to make changes, you dream of them, you plan for them, you initiate them, but then…you get stuck again, frustrated by your own ability to see it through. It’s that pesky all or nothing approach – doing it all is terrifying, isn’t it?

Then, your only option is to fall into a kind of stupor, spending ridiculous amounts of time binge-watching TV shows, texting, Tik-Toking, shopping online for things you don’t really need, or, if you’re honest, really want. Cue the guilt…I should be doing x, y, z, not sat here watching re-runs of Downton Abbey. 

That all said, let’s be honest, re-runs of Downton Abbey are worth it, in fact, you might pick up some words of wisdom over there. If the Dowager Countess were here she’d say, and I quote,

“Life is a game where the player must appear ridiculous.”

You Are Not Alone!

You’re not alone in feeling like you do.

You’re not alone in trying to soothe with TV, Tik-Tok and text.

You’re not alone in wanting more for yourself and your life.

You’re not alone with not knowing what the heck to do about any of it.

You’re not alone trying to figure it all out.


Gremlins be Gone!

I’m writing this page for you, because I’ve been where you are. I’ve struggled alone. I’ve tried to figure it all out by myself. I’ve tried to change things, make them better, do more (and more and more and more), and all I succeeded in doing was making myself sick. Mind you, my success with that was unparalleled—I overachieved when it came to being sick! 

Gremlins! They’re cute and fuzzy when they first appear, but they’re nasty little critters when they get all grown up and busy and my gosh, do they make a mess of things. I’m a master Gremlin tamer nowadays and I promise you, your Gremlins can be shrunk back to cute and fuzzy, or taken out completely. Coaching can put those f..suckers, back in their place!

I see you. You’re like a great big shrouded glitter ball, ready to explode, and shine your full spectrum all over the dance floor of life, but you need that cloak removing and a little nudge to spread your sparkle.

And you probably need some tools, grown up, serious, kick ass tools that help you get things moving; a kind of roadmap to follow. Oh, my dear, do I have tools for you – I’m an avid life tool collector! You can’t plant and grow beautiful gardens without a serious shed of tools. My shed is so packed I might need to buy another one, you’re welcome to whatever I have.

I’ll gladly gift you as many of my tools as you need as it’s time to rediscover:

Your Story

who you are when you’re not trying to be an amazing child, parent, wife, friend or sister.


the merry-go-round you’re on lost its excitement 25,000 rounds ago and now you’re dizzy with the blur of things passing you by.

What YOU think

not what your mom and dad, husband, your overbearing boss, your well-meaning friend or Gladys the Gossip down the road thinks.  

What you’re meant to be doing

because surely there’s more to your life than folding your kid’s stained pants, unloading the dishwasher for the third time today, and attending PTA meetings that go on forever (have they not heard of following the agenda?)

What you’re meant to be creating

do you remember that little you who loved to write in brand new notebooks (which you proceeded to fill the cover with hearts and stickers – or was that just me?), and make up stories about characters like Bozo the Magic Bat, and Lisa the Liar? Or did you set up lemonade stands, or pretend to be a talk show host, convinced you would one day be queen of all the things?

Where did that imagination go?

(Maybe underneath the pile of laundry that hasn’t been put away since last week?)

“I want to remember what it is I’ve forgotten about myself.”

Whispered my client, Gemma.

You see, Gemma knew it was all already there, she just needed to rediscover it. It’s always already there, YOU are fully, gloriously and beautifully, already there. Life has simply covered you in a cloak you no longer need. It’s time to unveil who you are today.

It’s time to Rediscover YOU and…

  • Feel like the real YOU. The YOU you’ve always wanted to be.
  • Be less stressed, frazzled and coping better.
  • Feel good about the people you spend time with be at home or at work.
  • Get excited about the future, the projects you want to be part of and the plans you want to make.
  • Decide what you want, why you want it and how to get it.
  • Create or recreate relationships that feel yummy—relaxed, connected, easy and FUN!
  • Get Creative, indulging in the things you’re great at, that make you tick.

Perhaps you’re going to finish a PhD, or write poetry, or that book you’ve been thinking about for years, like Gemma and Sarah, two ladies I adored working with. Maybe you decide you want to learn to fly like Thao, who got her private licence in record time and is now training to be a commercial pilot! Or you want to sing again like Sarah, or return to your talent and create the art the world needs from you like Amelie. Maybe you’ll take your artistry to the next level like Liz. Maybe you want to be more present in your parenting, but also have a side project, like Leith who now presents an amazing podcast. Maybe you’re an entrepreneur in the making, like all of the women above who’ve turned their talents and passions into a business, as well as Felicia who took her business from five to six figures with mastermind support.

These aren’t just names, they’re real women, like you, who started out very stuck and are now unstuck and thriving, doing what they love and are extraordinarily good at.

Whatever it is you dream of doing, I promise, coaching can help you get there.

But, do you know what coaching really is?

Perhaps you have an idea it might be helpful for you but you’re not sure if it can really help YOU?

How does it all work?

I want to be clear here, I am NOT a therapist, counsellor, psychiatrist or doctor.

I am a life and business coach.

The difference between them isn’t always clear but the best description I’ve heard is that therapy is about recovery, coaching is about discovery.

I believe coaching is about rediscovery—who you are and what you have to offer the world has always been there, it just might have got a bit lost over time.

Together, we will dig into the stories, beliefs and behaviours that have caused you to feel like you do and be in the place that you are. We’ll explore which of those  serve you and which don’t. Then we’ll look at how you can create the life you want today, one small step at a time.

I don’t use a curriculum as I believe you’re an individual human with your own unique and special experiences, and when working together we will always come from the place of who YOU are and what YOUR experiences have been and how YOU think and feel, as well as what serves YOU.

Areas we might work on are:

People Pleasing

saying yes to others but no to yourself.


in relationships, at home and work.

Chronic Pain and Illness

I think my experiences as shared in My Story likely speak for themselves.

Overcoming a traumatic past

We don’t revisit your trauma in detail, but we acknowledge it, and the impact it has on you in the here and now, if any, then explore how you can work with it.

Co-dependency & the Impact of Addiction*

As Gabor Mate explains, “Any Addiction is manifested in any behavior that a person craves, finds temporary relief or pleasure in but suffers negative consequences as a result of, and yet has difficulty giving up.” – this can include social media scrolling!


Time Management

Do you often hear yourself tell people you’re busy, or never have enough time? We will look at that.

Project Management

We’ll make sure you can move forward on your project without getting stuck in overwhelm or procrastination.

Work and Finances

Are you financially secure and independent? Do you love your work? If not, we can work on it all.


In a previous life I was a closet and interior organizer with a passion for Feng Shui.

Travel and Adventure

What would you love to see and experience outside of your home country?

My personal mantra is, “one baby step at a time.”



*If we recognize an addiction in you or a person in your life, I can support you to find the most appropriate help and support. I can also support you to overcome the consequences of prior active addiction. I can NOT help you with an active addiction that requires qualified psychiatric or medical help. In such cases I will always refer you to the appropriately qualified services. I am not a qualified doctor, psychiatrist, social worker or therapist. I know my limits professionally and personally and I strive to do no harm, ever.  


What qualifies me to be your life coach?

A lifetime of experience ranging from the downright terrifying to the life changing exciting, and I don’t say that lightly, or as a throw away cover all. You can read more about my life on the My Story page.

I’ve worked through and studied my own life experiences, and how best to transform them, with results that have worked for me. Along the way I’ve discovered tools, ideas, theories, and thinking that has helped unravel toxic crap from my life. All of which I’m happy to share as appropriate.

Such experiences have also led to years of therapeutic support, coaching, and health interventions via various practitioners (you name it, I’ve likely done it) which have taught me A LOT. I read 50-70 books a year, fiction and non-fiction, apart from when I’m writing a novel, then we’re down to about 30 a year! I’m a book nerd and proud. I’m always open to new learning.

Then there’s my actual coaching trainingI’m a certified Time to Think™ Coach

Through Nancy Kline’s school of coaching using her Thinking Environment™ principles. I’ve trained in the USA and UK, and participate in continued, regular training with Nancy herself. In addition, I’ve completed significant courses and group training with coach, Michaella O’Connor, and someone who’s work I admire greatly, Dr Gabor Mate, as well as various online courses and day courses too numerous to list here unless you want to spend another few hours reading. I have only ever worked with people I find trustworthy, compassionate, and who are in their work for the good of humanity, not for power. People who allow and positively encourage others (me/you) to think for ourselves.

These are the qualities I also insist on bringing to YOU. I will never tell you what to think or feel. I will never insist you conform to my ideas/beliefs. I wholeheartedly believe that YOUR thinking for YOU is way better than any thinking I could do for you. You have magic in your brain, your heart and your soul, that’s unique and special, and the world needs THAT. I merely support you to let it rip—to be YOU.​​​​​​​

My intention is to always help you feel safe, comfortable, heard and important, because you are.

I hereby invite you to Rediscover YOU.

I know it feels a bit odd to reach out to someone you've only "met" online, but I need to speak to you and have a real-time face to face (over video chat) if I'm to support you. I promise it'll be a fun, inspiring and enlightening experience you won't regret.

So, please click the button below, fill out the short form that pops up to the best of your ability (perfection not required), and I'll be in touch to arrange a conversation.

Our initial conversation will be a full on coaching experience. I'm not into ten minute "discovery calls", because what on earth can you discover in ten minutes? Not enough!

My call with you will be at least 90 minutes and during that time we'll really dig into what it is you want to create for yourself. That 90 minutes (which are completely free, as in no cost, zero dollars/pounds or whatever currency you use) might be enough to get you started. In which case, you'll leave our call with everything you need right now, feeling invigorated and ready, and I'll leave it knowing I've fulfilled my personal commitment to help as many women as possible. 

If, after that conversation, ongoing coaching feels like something you want, then we will discuss that and go from there, but I'm not going to sell that to you. I'm not interested in convincing people to work with me, so we'll only discuss that if you ask. No one NEEDS coaching, it's an optional collaboration that you get to choose into, if you want to. If you do, then we can certainly discuss what that might look like moving forward. 

You just need to take one small step first - click the button below. Don't be scared, you've got this and deserve it! 

I can't wait to meet you. 

With all of my love,