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Do you feel stuck? It’s an awful feeling. One I think many are living with right now, and if that includes you, there’s kick-assery ahead to inspire!

During this pandemic people find themselves asking questions about their lives that can be overwhelming and disconcerting, and it may feel like things will never unstick. At the same time we’re discovering myriad possibilities we didn’t know were available before.

The resilience, commitment, creativity, and sheer kick-assery of what women can do when they decide “enough is enough” is like watching a cherry tree grow. They go from a dormant winter into a blooming spring, to eventually scatter their beautiful petals— to offer magic and wonder beyond their branches.

Blankets stacked

And considering this, I feel compelled to share something two of my ‘cherry tree’ clients did recently – a podcast interview. Seeing them come together for the first time, to discuss how they got unstuck, and the challenges they’ve overcome during the pandemic, reminds me of the kick-assery I’ve had the privilege of witnessing.

I’ll let you have the joy of discovering who they are for yourself but in short, Leith went from a corporate environment to opening herself up to creativity, which manifested in her developing her podcast called Finding Me (she had never broadcast a thing before and is now on season 3!) She interviews women about how they went from stuck to unstuck. Every story she shares is inspiring, and her podcast goes from strength to strength.

This month she interviews Amelie, who had a life-long dream to be a full-time artist. Spoiler alert, she does it! But the tips around how she did it are worth hearing, particularly if you, too, harbor a creative dream.

This podcast episode is a manifestation of what they’ve grown, bloomed and now share with the world. I invite you to listen, and if you’re stuck, take heart that you too have similar skills in kick-assery! I know it.


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This Month’s Recommendations

All of my recommendations are based on personal experience only and are unpaid, however, I will receive a commission for any books purchased through the links I provide for your convenience. All commissions received will be collated and donated to my chosen charities and funds every year.

Adult children of emtionally immature parents


We Must Be Brave by France Liardet  – a touching WW2 story about how loving takes great courage and sometimes great sacrifice


The Gilded Age on HBO – *swoon* need I say more?

Audrey (Netflix)
Girl, Woman, Other


Finding Me with Leith McKay

This month Leith interviews Amelie, who had a life-long dream to be a full-time artist

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