When Did You Last Take A Spontaneity Break?

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When Did You Last Take A Spontaneity Break?

What’s a “complete break?” I hear you say.

A Spontaneity Break is a planned break from everything. A calendar that’s free of appointments, a schedule that’s completely clear of commitments.

Some might call this a vacation, but usually a vacation involves going somewhere and then often being busy doing things when you’re there.

A Spontaneity Break is a time when you have a completely free agenda and the freedom to do whatever you want. You choose from one minute to the next what you’re going to do. You can do nothing and go nowhere, or you might decide to jump in the car and road trip. This time is completely unplanned and open to whatever takes your fancy on those days.

I suggest a minimum of two days, every month.

That’s simply a weekend, or a couple of week days, but days when you have nowhere to go and nowhere to be. Does that feel challenging? Do you feel like you simply don’t have the time?

I invite you to stop being a victim, or dare I say, a slave to time. There can be time if you choose to make it.

I see people’s resistance to finding time for spontaneity seriously affecting their peace of mind, their health, their spirituality and always their creativity. We humans need time to sit and just be and take time to think, to spontaneously explore and to consider new ideas. We need freedom to adventure and explore, to get curious and open to new experiences.

My clients are constantly amazed at the effects regularly taking complete breaks has on them.

One of my clients added these two free days to her calendar and after the first time came back and declared it “AMAZING!”. She was suddenly energized, full of ideas and this particularly client, a writer, found herself flowing with inspired words after previously being in a significant period of trudging through her work.

Needless to say, she became a convert and promptly added two day spontaneity breaks to her calendar for the rest of the year.

Part of rediscovering yourself and being wholly true to YOU is giving yourself time to BE YOU.

The freedom of spontaneity can unleash a wealth of creativity and you might find yourself experiencing new levels of joy.

Are you willing to try it and see?

If so, I would love to hear about how it goes and what comes out the experience so do comment or drop me an email.

With all of my love,

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