Make like a champagne pyramid ?

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Make like a champagne pyramid ?

So often, we ladies give, give, give until we’re so depleted we can barely function. Sadly, society has us historically conditioned to believe that over-giving and self-sacrifice, emptying our cup to the point of not functioning properly, is where our worthiness lies. What horrible BS that is, only really serving to prevent us from accessing our fullest power, the power that comes alive and overflows when our glass is full.

Champagne Pyramid
Yet, too many women are still buying into the notion that to be worthy we must run ourselves dry. Just look at the toll this pandemic has taken on women — research and anecdotal evidence reveal that more women than men have given up jobs to homeschool children, care for ailing relatives, and manage households with depleted income and resources. Society still struggles to allow women to have space for themselves at the best of times. Under the difficult circumstance of a pandemic, it seems that too many women are floundering under the weight of overgiving and self-sacrifice. Perhaps you are one of the many losing yourself to a wash of exhaustion, overload, over-stimulation and overwhelm. With such depleted energy there’s no room for creativity, collaboration or any kind of fulfilment.

I invite you to make like a champagne pyramid.

Fill your glass up with what YOU need, from a five-minute shower in peace, to a massage, from an hour with a cup of tea to a week by the seaside alone. Whatever you need, I invite you to take it and then watch as you power up and overflow with ease and abundance that empowers and enriches you and all around you.
Your life exists because you exist, right?
Therefore, might we agree that for YOUR life to be a life at all, it needs to have space for YOU in it. I know that during these pandemic days it’s hard to discern the lines between necessary sacrifice and over-sacrifice, but talking to women every day, I’m seeing more self-sacrifice and overgiving than is necessary. You need some of your energy, your time, your money, your care, your love, and your friendship, for yourself. .
Take care of your needs

Self-sacrifice, like many unhealthy habits, is a hard one to break, but once broken you’ll never go back as you and those you love deserve you to be the fullest, most energised, happiest, most capable version of yourself, even during the hardest of times. Below is a graphic, inspired by my own work some years ago with my own coach, that you can use to support you in deciding where you’re at with your internal resources, and hopefully help you make decisions that reduce, if not stop, the self-sacrificing and over-giving behavior that’s depleting you. .

Is my glass full?

Grab your free printable of “Is My Cup Full? Can I Give Today?” here. These mini graphics can be cut out and stuck into your journal to be used as a daily prompt to support you.
I hope they’re helpful, and I wish you a full and overflowing glass ?

WIth all my love,


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