What if slowing down is a good thing?

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Does it frustrate you that you’re moving too slowly, or not doing “enough”?

I first started to get seriously sick aged 21. So I can say with ease that I have spent a lot of my adult life frustrated because things have had to move too slowly at times.

So many times things have come to an absolute stand still when I’ve been too sick to leave my bedroom, in hospital or recovering from surgeries. These times have left me feeling frustrated and depressed.

I was never kind to myself about these times. Constantly telling myself I could do more, do better, stop being lazy, be positive, focus better.

I never ever felt like I was doing enough. I never felt like I was enough.

I know I am not alone in this self-flagellation. I also know that it doesn’t help us get healthier or happier or discover what we’re really here for.

Demonstrating zero compassion for ourselves is tantamount to self-abuse. Listening to that constant loop of put downs does not support us to achieve what we want and to rediscover our greatness.

It’s time to change the record player.

Everyone and their mother espouses the benefits of meditation, yoga, checking in with your breathing, taking vacations, even eating more slowly. In this rush, rush rush world we live in, where everything is at our fingertips, we have lost the art of slowing down. Of also having time to ourselves to think, be creative, dream and let all that we learn assimilate.

What if slowing down would help you feel more energized, excited, and able to experience your joy more fully?

What if it allows you to tap into your creativity in a magical way?

What if going more slowly allows you to discover what it is you really want?

Slowing my clients down is one of the most magical things I experience. When they slow down they start to see the wood for the trees. They start to sit with and truly experience their feelings and through that resolve any challenges so much more quickly than if they simply kept pushing in the rush, rush, rush.

There’s huge power to slowing down and I invite you to explore and play with this power.

Think about where you’re at right now, perhaps you have a “situation” occurring, or a decision you need to make. Are you willing to explore slowing everything right down and then see what happens?

There’s truly no rush here. All is coming.

With all of my love,

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