What Are Lottie’s True Values?

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What are your true values?
I work through this values exercise myself at least once a year, around New Year, but usually mid year too. Over the years I’ve been doing this I’ve found that three of my values stay consistently present. A couple of them change every now and then.

Maybe one day my list of five will change entirely, or maybe it will stay consistent for years. These fluctuations are normal as our lives and circumstances grow and change and so too do our most important values.

Lottie’s True Values

My core five true values at this time are:


I have these values on a post-it note stuck on my desk so I read them every day. I  often find myself considering: “Does what I’m about to do fit with my values?”. Nowadays the answer is mostly yes, as I’ve set myself up to work with my values always. However, when I first started doing this I was surprised, actually, quite mortified at how out of alignment with my values my life was. It was an eye-opening discovery.

It has amazed me how working in alignment with my values has brought about wonders for myself, my family, my business and my life in general. It’s quite magical and inspiring.

You might also do this exercise and discover that there are things in your life that aren’t in alignment with your values. That’s okay, this is simply part of your journey of rediscovery. Now you’re conscious of what your core values are you can bring attention to them and start making decisions based on alignment with them.

I personally didn’t need to make big, profound changes to get into alignment. However, I definitely had a little work to do. There were some challenging moments, for which coaching definitely saw me through, but with one step at a time, one day a time, my life shifted in amazing ways. I believe your life can too.

For now, I invite you to become conscious and start looking at your life through the lense of your values and see what happens.

With all of my love,

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