What You Can Do Today and Every Day

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Do you always focus on what you CAN do, or do you get caught up on all the things you can’t do?

When people find out I live with chronic illness, they often exclaim, “But you do so much!” Yes, I do a lot. Yet I’m conscious to not run myself into the ground doing. I can’t, I don’t have the energy or excellent health for that.

So how do I achieve so much despite my health challenges?

Every day I concentrate on what I CAN do.

In times past, I’ve spent too much time concentrating on what I can’t do. That serves nobody.

When I focus on all the things I can’t do, it’s a long, frustrating and depressing list, leaving me in a state that lacks self-compassion or forgiveness. I get stuck.

I decided I can no longer live my life that way. It is not okay to be a victim to my illness and continuously beat myself up about all the things I can’t do. Making the commitment to focus on what I CAN do every day, even if some days that isn’t very much changed my life. It can change yours too.

Yoga today? Nope, but I CAN manage some light stretching.

Is dinner going to be cooked by me tonight? Nope, but I CAN sit down and chop a salad.

Am I going to write that chapter of my book today? No, but I CAN plan out a blog post.

You can do it

Can do it!

When you start to shift your mindset, you’ll eventually stop noticing what you can’t do and automatically focus your day on what you CAN do. Soon, you’ll find yourself moving forward, no longer stuck.

AND, you’ll be surprised by how much more energy you have, despite doing more.

So, what CAN you do today? Have a go at switching up your list of can’ts to cans—what do you come up with?


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