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Despite Your Chronic Illness


What is Lottie’s Book Club?

Lottie’s Book Club is an opportunity to read and work through my book: Rediscover YOU: Create More of What You Want in Your Life Despite Your Chronic Illness, with me! And, of course, with others who “get it” and are choosing to step into this journey.

You see, it’s one thing to read a book (a great thing and something I recommend we all do more of!) but it’s a whole other thing to read a book and implement the things you discover and feel might work for you.

In my experience that happens all the better with support and encouragement. Will you want to work through every journal prompt, every question, or every idea I share in the book? Probably not. As with anything I encourage you to take what works for you and ditch the rest. For some the whole book might work (it has certainly all worked for me, which is why I’ve written about it) but for others the odd thing here and there might work, and that’s okay. I have no expectations around how much you take from it. I want to support you to take as much as will be of service to you.

I’ve decided to make this complimentary

Yes, a FREE experience that I am only offering to those who have bought my book before now. It’s not going to be offered again. I will cap this group at 15 people as I want to keep it intimate and connected so I can really show up for each and every person there. I would LOVE to see YOU there.

We will be together for six weeks from October 9th to November 20th, 2017.

What will we do?

Lottie’s Book Club will primarily take place in a pop up Facebook group. This is a “Secret” Facebook group (only those in it can see it exists) that’s only going to exist for the six weeks the group is in action. In the group we’ll read together, discuss each chapter, work with some of the journal prompts, and look at the supplementary resources offered in the book.

You will get a reading schedule, so we’re all reading the book together. If you’ve already read the book, great, you’re ahead of the game and that’s okay. If you haven’t, and it’s likely most haven’t as it will have only just been released when this group starts, then the schedule might help you move through it at a pace that works for you. If reading is challenging for you, and takes longer that’s okay too (I may even release audio excerpts to support you) You will still get lots out of this group even if you’re behind on the reading.

Each week there will be office hours. During this time we’ll hop onto Zoom for a telephone conference Q&A. You can ask me anything and I will answer your questions and offer coaching on the subject there and then if that feels of service to you in the moment. This is a wonderful opportunity for us to connect and for you to get even more out of the book. We will help you get Zoom set up (which is free and useable on all phones or devices) and you’ll get a schedule of when the calls are. We’re trying to make the calls work for all time zones, but they’ll be recorded, so if you can’t attend you will still get something out of them.
Each day there will be graphic journal prompts, inspiration and questions to support you.

AND anything else I feel called to give you. Hopefully you know by now that I choose to be generous and always step ALL IN to anything I do, so be prepared for a fun, motivating experience full of my love and that of others who “get it”.

What to do next?

Request to join the group today using the form below, to be sure to be one of those 15. The group gets going on Monday October 9th, so anticipate it being quiet in there until then.

As I am capping members at 15 people I invite you to only join if you have the time and energy to really step into and be part of this over the 6 weeks from October 9th to November 20th, 2017. I envisage you needing a minimum of an hour a week for reading and group participation.

Once you sign up to join the group we’ll check that you have purchased the book and then send you a Facebook invitation to the group. This may take up to 24 hours but we’ll get to you as quickly as we can.


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So, are you with me?

All of my love,