Thinking Sessions

Congratulations! You have taken the extra step of exploring all I have to offer right now, and as a result you’ve stumbled across an additional free opportunity that I’m not advertising or sharing, but simply placing here for anyone who takes the time to explore.

Right now I am completing my accreditation in the Thinking Environment® coaching approach. As part of this I’m required to work with a number of clients to demonstrate my ability in this approach. With this in mind I’m currently offering those who discover this page the opportunity for a series of free Thinking Sessions™ with me.

Please read on to discover more about this special coaching approach and if you feel called apply for a session at the bottom of this page.

With love,

I firmly believe that my role as a coach is to help you think for yourself. I am not here to do your thinking for you. This is often anathema in today’s society where everyone and his dog wants to offer advice, tell you what’s right and wrong, and insert their own views and ideologies into your world.

I sincerely believe that your own thinking is so much better than anyone else’s, if only you’re given the time and space to actually think for yourself.

In this coaching approach I will only offer you my insights and perspectives after you have had sufficient time to come up with your own ideas thoroughly, and only if you specifically ask me to.


The Ten Components of a Thinking Environment

There are ten components of a Thinking Environment:

1. Attention

Listening with palpable respect and interest, without interruption.

The quality of my attention on you profoundly affects your thinking. I will be wholly, lovingly interested in what YOU think, divesting all interest in my own thinking. As a thinker, knowing you won’t be interrupted is integral to freely think for yourself. I will not interrupt you.

2. Equality

Treating each other as thinking peers, giving equal turns and attention and keeping to agreements and boundaries is essential.

When thinking with me you will always be treated as a an equal, my thinking is never better than yours, and we will have a conversation about how exactly thinking sessions work and we’ll create firm, mutual, agreements around our work together.

3. Ease

Offering you, the thinker, freedom from internal rush or urgency.

Ease creates. Urgency destroys. The time we dedicate to thinking sessions will be all yours with great ease and I shall be fully present with you. In turn you will invited to let go of urgency. When it comes to helping you think for yourself, sometimes doing means not doing.

4. Appreciation

Genuine acknowledgement of a person’s qualities is essential for independent thinking.

As your coach I will frequently offer you concrete and genuine praise.

5. Encouragement

Giving courage to go to the cutting edge of ideas by moving beyond internal competition. You will be fully supported to go to your edge and thoroughly explore your thinking without judgement.

6. Feelings

It’s essential that you are given time and space to feel your feelings and allow sufficient emotional release to restore thinking.

We who follow the Thinking Environment® believe that:

  • Listening through anger makes way for thorough thinking.
  • Crying can make you smarter.
  • After laughter thinking improves.

7. Information

Supplying the facts. Dismantling denial.

As your coach I will support you to supply yourself with facts and to dismantle any denial. Withholding or denying information results in intellectual vandalism and facing what you have been denying leads to better thinking.

8. Diversity

Welcoming divergent thinking and diverse group identities.

The mind works best in the presence of reality. Reality is diverse. Homogeneity is a thinking inhibitor.

9. Incisive Questions™

Removing assumptions that limit your ability to think for yourself clearly and creatively.

As your coach, I will, when called to, support you to remove your assumptions and create yourself an incisive question that supports you to think for yourself.

10. Place

Creating a physical environment that says you: “You Matter.”

When the physical environment affirms your importance, you think more boldly. When your body is cared for and respected, your thinking improves.

You sincerely matter to me and I will go out of my way to create an environment in which you are comfortable and open to thinking for yourself. Your actual place, in terms of working with me, will either be my home office, or online on Zoom (I will supply all details and support you in connecting). When working online with me I will invite you to create a space for our session, in which you are completely comfortable and able to give your full attention.

What is a Thinking Session?

This is an hour long session in which you are invited to think through anything you want.

Sometimes you’ll come prepared with something you feel you want to spend your time thinking about, sometimes you’ll simply turn up and be surprised by what comes forward for you. In my experience something always comes forward, so you don’t need to be prepared.

When we first connect I will go into great detail about what the thinking session entails specifically, but for now, the essential elements are that I will be following the Ten Components of a Thinking Environment® as detailed above, giving you my full attention. You will be fully supported to do some great thinking for yourself.

Please know that there isn’t a human alive that isn’t capable of thinking, and their thinking, however it might manifest is always brilliant and highly relevant to them. Your thinking will always be brilliant and highly relevant to you.

I now invite you to apply for a free thinking session and gift yourself an opportunity to really think for yourself – I feel sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how invigorating this experience is.