Brain Exchange

You are invited to apply for a free Brain Exchange with me.

Every month throughout 2017 I’ll be opening my schedule to 1-2 brain exchanges (depending on my availability). These will be 90 minute conversations in which we get to pick each other’s brains and share knowledge for 45 minutes each.

We will do this via video conferencing so you can be anywhere in the world. If you’re local you’re welcome to come to my office.

These conversations are super fun, inspiring and helpful. Please keep reading for more information and how to apply.

What is a Brain Exchange?

A brain exchange is an opportunity for us to glean information from each other that will serve each of us with our life’s purpose, for free.

I believe that we human beings are full of knowledge from learning and experiences, and not everyone shares their knowledge in blogs, books, films or other media. It’s also probable that even those, like me, who do share a lot of their knowledge publicly, still have a great deal to offer that is not necessarily shared.

I LOVE to share my knowledge and support people in their endeavors, and I suspect you do too, so let’s get together and exchange brains. You’ll learn something from me and I’ll learn something from you. Beautiful!

I’m open to applications from anyone with requests to exchange any kind of information.

I welcome the opportunity to be presented with learning on topics I may never have thought about. Maybe you’ve seen me lacking in some knowledge, or you’ve spotted something I do or am interested in that you can add to. Otherwise you might have information/skills/knowledge around one of the topics listed below.

How Might My Brain Help You?

As a voracious reader and someone who is always open to learning, be it through academic/professional courses, or simply through inviting experiences into my life, I hold a lot of knowledge.

I LOVE to share that knowledge. If I have information/knowledge/skills that can support you in your life’s work, I want you to have it.

The beauty of a brain exchange is that the flow of energy is going both ways: we’re both sharing, we’re both learning and we’re both spending the same amount of time with each other (45 minutes each). Therefore this doesn’t need to involve money.

If you don’t feel you have anything you can share with me but you’d love to pick my brain on something I know, you can apply for a paid Pick Your Brain session here.

Things I Know About That Might Support You

If you think I know about something that is not on this list, but that could help you, please say, but here’s a list of topics that I can definitely work with:

Connecting – I’m a master of connection; connecting people to people, to resources, to knowledge, to ideas and whatever they need to know. You’re welcome to pick my brains around any of this.

Creating communities – of clients, of volunteers, of friends. I’ve created many active communities for various means and ends.

Internet Marketing – I’m happy to share my knowledge of how I started, what has worked, what hasn’t worked, what I’ve learned and how I do things.


Blogging – I’ve been blogging for ten years now, the last four years as a professional blogger, so may have some insight that could support you.

Setting up and running Facebook groups – I’ve run a large free public Facebook group, with high engagement, as well as smaller private groups for coaching and support.


Fundraising – I’m a major gift fundraiser and have had the honor of being trained by and working with some of the greatest fundraisers the world has ever known. I have worked on major campaigns such as the NSPCC FULL STOP campaign, and also tiny personal campaigns as well as everything in between.


Writing articles – I’ve written for a number of magazines and online platforms with great success, and am happy to share my knowledge on how to write content that goes viral.


Social Media – I’m happy to share my knowledge and experiences working with Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and third party apps that integrate with them.


WordPress – I’ve worked on WordPress for ten years now. I’m not a designer but I’m a pretty competent basic designer and user.


Basic Design – as a Do It Yourself blogger and online marketer for many years I have some skills and knowledge I’m happy to share.


Job Hunting – as a prior successful recruitment consultant I’m quite the expert on creating resumes/CVs, as well as finding and applying for jobs you want.


Entrepreneurialism – I’ve been an entrepreneur for a number of years now, the last two stepping it up to (my) full time.  I’ve learned a great deal about how to work for yourself and run a successful business.


Living and working with chronic illness.

Moving to another country and living as an Immigrant/Expat.

Things YOU know that might support me

I am open to considering whatever it is you think you can help me with. Perhaps you’ve registered my interest in a topic you’re an expert in, perhaps you’ve experienced something you’d like to share that would support me with my work, perhaps you use ideas/skills/tools that you think I would benefit from knowing/understanding. I’m open to any and all suggestions.

However, there are some things that I can tell you I am definitely interested in learning more about right now, which might help you with your application. These are:


Spirituality and Self Care:

  • Spiritual rituals and practices
  • Energy work
  • Creative practices


  • American Civics
  • American History
  • The US Justice System
  • Political Activism around any subject but particularly civil rights (women’s rights,  LGBTQ rights, human rights)


  • Working with Thinking Differences: Dyslexia/Autism/ADHD
  • Supporting children with learning differences


I’m always open to learning more around coaching, internet marketing, marketing, communications, PR to expand on what I already know. If you’re an expert in one of these areas it’s likely you know something I would benefit from knowing, and vice versa.

Coaching Tools:

If you’re a coach and there’s something you want to know about how I work and you have some great tool to share too, then let’s talk.

Apply Now

So, are you ready to dive into a brain exchange with me? I promise it’s super fun, inspiring and motivating, AND we get to connect in such a beautiful, somewhat deeper way.

I look forward to seeing your application, which you can complete here. I will reply to every application.  I’m looking forward to connecting with you.