Do You Need to Prove Yourself?

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If you knew you had nothing to prove, what would you do differently?

Have you ever felt you need to “prove” yourself?

I spent years either hiding I was sick, because I felt I had to prove it and proving it was too much effort, or I went about my life with this huge burden of “I must prove that I’m as sick as I say I am.”.

Proving Myself Sick

I have what they call an invisible illness so publicly proving it is, shall we say, challenging. I bet I’m not the only one who has done this: called in sick to work and faked a “sick’ voice, even though the truth is, in my case, I’ve been sat on the loo all night crying in agony, or nursing my swollen joints with hot/cold packs and none of it remotely impacts my voice.

Approaching anything in life from a space of ‘proving’ is never a healthy space to occupy. Proving leads to striving, which leads to exhaustion/overdoing it/stress/perfectionism, none of which is fun and ultimately results in illness or, in our case, more illness.

Let’s face it, from the youngest age most of us have been raised to prove ourselves. Are we good girls and boys? Are we intelligent or not? Are we academic or not? Are we artistic or not? Are we really sick?

Making Assumptions

As well as that, for some reason we human beings love to make assumptions. We think we know what each human around us thinks. We know we’re not mind-readers and yet we have grandiose psychic expectations of one another anyway. We’re either working to prove an assumption right or prove an assumption wrong.

  • They assume I’m more sick than I am, so I’ll prove to them that I’m more than capable by pushing and over stretching myself to the point of complete exhaustion.
  • They assume that I’m not as a sick as I am so I’ll prove to them how sick I am by faking my voice and looking like crap.
  • They assume I can’t be successful as an artist. I’ll prove them right by not doing the work.

What if you stopped doing things from a point of “proving”?  What if you also stopped assuming you know what everyone else is thinking and simply live your life from a point of being, and of honoring and trusting that you ARE experiencing what you’re experiencing, that you are living YOUR truth.

You don’t need to prove anything to anyone, least of all yourself.

Imagine if we stopped expecting others to prove things to us too. If we approached each other with love, respecting that what is shared is truth and that we’re not the narrator of their story.

Imagine that world.

Do you spend a lot of time “proving” yourself? If you KNEW that you didn’t have to prove yourself, what would you do differently in your life?

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