Using Baby Steps to Slow Down, to Speed Up

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What are baby steps and how do you slow down to speed up?

Have you ever really wanted to do something but been crippled by fear and unable to take the steps you need to make it happen?

I have, so many times.

Looking at the whole picture, the process, and what I think needs to happen makes me feel overwhelmed.  However, when I slow down and break it down into baby steps of what actually needs to happen, it becomes easier. I then stop focusing on the outcome and simply focus on one step at a time – to coin a phrase: “One step in front of the other”

Breaking it Down into Baby Steps

I preach “Baby Steps” to my clients and anyone who will listen because I know they work but that doesn’t mean that I don’t often need reminding myself. I’m a real life human with a mind that does a good number on her every now and again.

Slow Down

Slow down

The trick is to allow yourself to slow down enough to take time to explore what your baby steps will look like.

You then allow yourself the leisure of working through them one at a time, with loving self-compassion.

This means letting go of any self-remonstrating for “not going faster” or “not doing more”.

This is about allowing yourself to move through the process slowly and methodically and you’ll be amazed at how much energy you save and how much faster you actually move and achieve your goal. If a step feels too big, too overwhelming then break it down into smaller baby steps.

The great irony: when you slow down you speed up.

Want to test it and see? Here’s a sheet I developed that might help you.

Just grab the PDF here, print it off and start working on any project/goal you have with it.

If you were to stop assuming that you can’t do it or won’t do it, and slow down enough to look at the baby steps involved, what might your next baby step be?

With all of my love,

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